Don is a true pro, so kind, and the work he does is truly effective. I look forward to working with him further.

Caroline W.

I am genuinely impressed by the remarkable experience I had with this Hypnotherapist. From the outset, I harbored doubts about my ability to express my innermost thoughts and feelings with ease, especially to a coach or therapist. However, his adeptness at creating a comfortable and inviting environment for open dialogue immediately put me at ease. I initially sought his expertise to address my concerns surrounding stress, anxiety, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. The level of insight and empathy he displayed towards these deeply personal issues was truly exceptional.

It was evident that he possessed a profound understanding of the human psyche and its intricacies. Equally notable was his mastery of hypnosis techniques, which left me deeply impressed. Even as someone immersed in the field professionally, I found his breadth of knowledge, array of tools and techniques, and their effectiveness to be truly remarkable. Anticipating future sessions with enthusiasm, I wholeheartedly look forward to continuing this transformative journey with him. His expertise and compassionate approach have undoubtedly made a lasting impact, and I am eager to explore further depths of self-discovery under his guidance.

Ali S.

I am very happy with the service I received. The process was much easier than I expected. The best part is that I got the results I needed. I am a permanent non-smoker now. Don is exceptionally skilled, and I give him the highest recommendation.

Janie M.

I have known Don for now almost 20 years and from our first conversation I noticed his deep desire to be of help to others. His genuine care for the well-being of his friends, colleagues and clients will supersede any expectation you may have about Don’s ability to help people.

Personally, I am so lucky to have a talented life coach to guide me through some of my toughest times/decisions in my life.

Working with Don has been a rewarding experience for me. His ability to listen and give you genuine guidance and positive feedback is uncanny.

We have had dozens of sessions and every time I experienced a sort of “defined/enlightened path” he is helping chart for myself.

Terry S.

Working with Don was my first experience with Hypnotherapy and it was truly transformative. I was struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety from information overload and using food and alcohol to cope. Working with Don, I was able to lose weight, get to a calm state, and really take control over my feelings of anxiety and sadness. I highly recommend his services!

Nefertiti T.

Don has been invaluable to my recovery efforts. I experienced an accident that left me brain damaged and nearly blind. I was recommended by a friend to try hypnotherapy because it can help with healing the brain. Since our first session to now the improvements have been significant and continue to improve. My vision went from 60/20 25/20. I’m much more happier and thoughtful in addition to my improved vision.

Kevin P.

One of the most caring en-depth people I have ever worked with. Takes great pride in how works with you to accomplish your goals!

Cliff H.

Don was highly professional and made me feel at ease even though such situations usually create anxiety for me. The work we did was effective, and proved a great deal of help over the following weeks.

Mark C.

Absolutely amazing! Don really cares about results and is so creative on how to communicate with the sub conscious. if your looking for real transformation that works this is your man!

Kieran F.

Incredibly professional and does amazing work. I came in as a sceptic but left firmly believing in hypnotherapy.

Jacob B.

I seek alternative medicines all the time, I hate western medicine with a passion.

I am a smoker. Yes, that smelly nasty habit. Ive smoked 39 years now and saw a friend of mine (Owner Don Roberts) post about hi new company 360 Hypnotherapy. I contacted Don and said I am ready to quit. I did a zoom therapy session with Don and I thought if this works I will be shocked and happy at the same time.

A few months passed and one day I noticed instead of smoking my normal 2 packs a day I was smoking 17 cigarettes in one day… I immediately contacted Don and said “It worked!” For me decreasing a pack (20 cigarettes) out of my life per day feels pretty good.

I was a little worried as I knew Don in a social setting and had to separate that when we did the zoom meeting. I was skeptical. I was proved wrong. The hypnotherapy did work. Even though I did not completely stop smoking I have decreased my cigarette consumption by 1/2 and thats fantastic as far as I am concerned.

Would I recommend 360 Hypnotherapy? Yes I would. You have to be ready to quit whatever your poison is and I believe Don can effectively help you through his hypnotherapy sessions.
Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you and you can thank me later!
Thanks Don and 360 Hypnotherapy for helping me to cut way back on my smoking.

Nancy M.

The on-line format worked great. My session with Don included work on procrastination and getting a good night’s sleep. Don also sent me an audio file that I listen most nights, and which has helped me to drift off, either during, or shortly after the recording ends. Thanks for your help Don.
David H.

Don is intuitive, kind, caring, and astute. He is a powerful force for good. I have gained a lot from my sessions with him and know that anyone seeking healing has found the right hypnotherapist. He will take you down the path to healing.
Trinity C.